You are a space captain in a galaxy filled with wonder, opponents, and opportunity.

Will you amass great wealth by trading between planets? Will you become rich by preying on the weak? Or will you serve and protect others by ridding the galaxy of pirates? Or perhaps you don't care about any of that and just want to explore.

It's up to you - the galaxy is yours to make of it what you will.

Here are some hints to help you along the way:


Imperial credits 🔱 are the main form of currency in the galaxy and are used everywhere. Bewarned: if you are disabled, thieves can steal your credits!

Solar Systems

As you know, solar systems ☀️ are made of stars with planets orbiting them.

You can do a variety of things while in solar systems:


Some planets are barren rocks 🌑, others are inhabited or habitable 🌍, while others are gas giants 🌕.

Uninhabited planets have resources that can be retrieved and sold.

Space Stations

Space Stations 📡 can also be found in systems and have the best selection of new ships.


Ships come in all shapes and sizes. Some are better for trading while others are better at combat.

Ships are rated in three categories abbreviated as <Defense/Offsense/Cargo>

You can trade in your old ship for a new ship in Space Stations. While you're there, you can upgrade your ship to enhance its stats.


The great material continuum flows throughout the galaxy. Millions of worlds, all with too much of one thing, and not enough of the other. If you can navigate this river, you will become wealthy beyond your dreams.

The galaxy is filled with fellow traders who will mind their own business so long as you mind yours.

But watch out for those pirates!


Pirates will attack you without provocation or warning. They want your stuff and they're not going to take "no" for an answer.

If a powerful pirate attacks you, run! If you think you're a match for them then do the galaxy a favor and fight back.

Fortunately the police are also out there to keep the trading lanes safe.


Sometimes you need to show those pirates who's boss and fight back.

During combat, you can either EVADE or FIRE.

When you EVADE, your ship will move and you will have a certain chance of targetting your opponent based upon your skill. You need to evade when the enemy has targetted you (indicated by their targetting scanner turning red).

You should FIRE when your targetting scanner turns green. If you fire without a targetting lock, your laser will miss its target.

The rest is up to you, enjoy!